#nationalism[aesthetics] exhibition

The Department of War Studies is thrilled to present #nationalism[aesthetics]: (Be)Longing, Rediscovering, Rebuilding Identities in view at The Exchange (Bush House North East Wing, Aldwych, London WC2B 4BG) from Saturday, 5th of March. 

#nationalism[aesthetics] is an exhibition curated by and featuring the works by third-year BA students from the Department of War Studies. Spearheaded by Dr. Pablo de Orellana, Lecturer in International Relations, under the guidance of artists Ella Jones and Matvei Matveev, and curator Tally de Orellana, this exhibition presents the first ever project at King’s College London combining creative making with reflections on nationalism. 

The works in view open up to multifaceted views on identity, nationalism and belonging; from the personal to the universal, from narratives to commentaries. The works embrace, criticize, and re-imagine iterations of nationalism; seeking answers to recurring questions on identity: What expectations are imposed on the individual? How do I rebuild my identity along different, more authentic lines? The exhibition in itself constitutes a walk-through exploration on fragmentation and possible identities, while manifesting an ever-growing sense of (be)longing. 

A private viewing of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 10th March 2022 at 6:00 pm. Non-kcl guests will need to sign up beforehand: message us your name and surname on instagram or twitter.

#nationalism[aesthetics]: (Be)Longing, Rediscovering, Rebuilding Identities features works by: Alyah Albader, Mari Bakka Maldal, Roger Creus Vila, Jane Dabate, Chloe Delaitre Bonet, Paul Dorian, Polina Evtushenkova, Ella Jones, Anastasiia Katona, Matvei Matveev, Ansh Mehta, Erell Mourouga, Ben Proud and Eliott Sistac. The exhibition was curated by Anastasiia Katona, Zuzanna Kozlowska and Sarah Rost. 


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