Below you will find a selection of fundamental foundational texts in nationalism. Some were related to nationalist movements, while many others are the obscure theories and philosophies of rights, the state, and identity that underpinned forms of nationalism as well as subsequent nationalist movements.

This section is where we try to engage you in some of the analytical practices through which we seek to understand nationalist thinking, its logic, and modalities. We believe that it is vital to understand how these concepts underpin the beliefs and practices of nationalism, and thus, in relation to the more approachable publications you will find on this site, it is worth exploring these key texts. 

In our own classes about nationalism, we study these texts to understand how the logic, ideas and concepts underpinning a nationalist idea drive its development and subsequent actions. Here, you can access the same texts to form your own opinion and analysis.

Movies for Identity Hunters

Adolf Hitler- 8 September 1934- Nazi Sixth Party Congress, Nuremberg Hitler’s Closing Speech

Aime Cesaire- Discourse on Colonialism

Asi Quiero Ser

Benito Mussolini- 3 January 1925- Speech after the Assasination of Matteotti

Benito Mussolini- 9 May 1936- Proclamation of Empire (Italian) (2)

Benito Mussolini- 23 February 1941- `Blackshirts of Rome` Speech

Benito Mussolini- 27 October 1922- March of Rome Proclamation (Italian)

Benito Mussolini- 1922- Hope of Youth, Italy’s Man of Tomorrow Interview with the NYT

Charles Chaplin- 7 March 1941- The Great Dictator Speech

Charles De Gaulle- 1944- Outraged Paris Speech!

Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen- 26 August 1789- National Assembly of France

Enoch Powell- ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech- 1968

Erdogan Speech- 15 January 2016

Francisco Franco- 8 December 1942- Speech to Falangist Party Council Praising German, Italian and Spanish Fascism

Francisco Franco- 29 July 1936- Interview with News Chronicle (Spanish)

French National Anthem Lyrics

Guiseppe Di Lampedusa- The Leopard

Ho Chi Minh- 2 September 1945- Declaration of Independence

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera- The Falangist Party Foundational Speech

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera- The Twenty-Six Point Program of the Falange

Jose Ortega y Gasset- Espana Invertebrada

Julius K. Nyerere – Ujaamaa: Essays on Socialism – 1968

Mao Zedong- The Chinese People Have Stood Up – 1949

Maurice Barres- 1917- The Undying Spirit of France

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- 15-20 October 1927- Excerpts from the Speech at the Convention of People’s Party of Republic

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- 20 October 1927- Address to Youth (2)

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- 29 October 1933- Ataturk’s Speech at the 10th Year Anniversary of Turkish Independence (2)

Niccolo Machiavelli- Discourses of Livy

Nigel Farage- 20 September 2013- Speech at the UKIP Conference

Nigel Farage- 28 June 2016- Post-Brexit Speech

Otto von Bismarck- 30 September 1862- Blood and Iron

Recep Tayyip Erdogan- 18 July 2016- Interview with CNN after the Coup Attempt

Rudolf Kjellen – Der Staat als Lebensform

Slobodan Milosevic- 24-25 April 1987- Speech at Kosovo Polje

Slobodan Milosevic- 28 June 1989- St. Vitus Day Speech at Gazimestan

Sun Yat Sen- Speech on Pan-Asianism

The Speeches of Adolf Hitler- 1921-1941

Theresa May- 5 October 2016- If You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are The Citizen of Nowhere Speech

Theresa May- 17 January 2017- Brexit Speech

Turkey – March of Izmir Lyrics

Turkish Language Congress March (Turkish and English)

Turkish National Anthem