The Future of a Post-Brexit English National Identity

Something has been absent from Brexit commentary and discourse. We’ve heard plenty about the single-market debate, the rights of EU citizens in Britain, the perplexing Irish border issue and the looming spectre of Nicola Sturgeon’s Indyref2. But little has been said about the plainly apparent rise of a distinctively English national identity and its role in this saga – and yes, I do mean English.

Holocaust: the product of modernity

The Holocaust is a tragic, unprecedented and historically unique event. However, the problem with treating the Holocaust as ‘unique’ is that it risks putting it in a realm beyond the possibility of human comprehension, out of reach of customary historical and sociological understandings.

The Footprints of ‘New Turkish Nationalism’ within ‘Old Turkey’

Neo-Ottomanism and New-Turkey are two popular terms to define the current politics of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the 12th  and incumbent President of the Republic of Turkey. Since he became Prime Minister in 2003, Erdoğan has increased his clout over government and state. Today, after this year’s contested referendum, he is undoubtedly the strongest man in Turkey and his ideas shape a new ‘national identity’ for the country.

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