This project aims to investigate and understand how identity and difference are politicised by nationalist politics. We hunt the instances when identity is made and politicised, we are identity hunters.

This website is a platform for the public, students, and academics to engage with one another and explore the challenges of understanding and fighting nationalist politics. It is administered by students of A History of Nations, Nationalism and Theories of the State, a third year module taught by Dr Pablo de Orellana & Dr Nicholas Michelsen at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.

Recent Blog Posts

  • “Love Jihad”- Hindu Nationalist Gendered Narratives and Their Perpetuation of Sexist Norms
    Written by Riyah Bakshi-Choudhury India’s democratic success despite failure in its neighbouring countries has been a great source of pride for the nation since its independence. However, with the rise […]
  • Filthy Eldians and ‘Other’ Others
    Written by Jon Bangsoy The Manga, ‘Attack On Titan’, displays the logical frameworkof how the Marleyan commander makes sense of evil, violence, and identity. With Nationalism, the irrational fear of the commander compels him to oppress the Eldians who he believes are creatures encased in human bodies. Expressed through the medium of irrational fear, […]
  • The Battle of the Thermopylae, or the Lies of the 300
    Written by Gabriel Blondeau The Battle of Thermopylae has been subject to a number of retellings, reinterpretations, revisions and most importantly, lies. We must distinguish the historical facts from the […]
  • The Orthodox Munition
    Written by Miriam Yakobashvili The Editor-in-Chief of RT (Russia Today), Margarita Simonyan, suggested that in the case of a reemergent 2008 scenario (referencing Russian invasion of Georgia), no one would send troops into the country, but rather launch a total destruction of Tbilisi through […]
  • “민족(Minjok)”
    Written by Jon Bangsoy South Korean national identity is about progress. In contemporary times, South Korean culture, economic prowess and soft power have developed a form of national identity related to South […]
  • Moroccan National Identity & the 1970s Musical Group Nass El Ghiwane
    Written by Faisal Ahmad Lyrics to Fine Ghadi Biya (Song): Written by: Laarbi Batma, founding member of Nass El Ghiwane “FINE GHADI BIYA KHOUYA FINE GHADI BIYA Where are you […]

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