Meet the team

The Identity Hunters team is selected by the students from among themselves and rotated on a termly basis.

This project is about understanding how identity and difference are politicised by nationalist politics. 

We hunt the instances when identity is made and politicised, we are identity hunters.


Noah Eastwood

Noah is a third year War Studies student from South East London. He is interested in competing ideas of identity in contemporary discourses.


Sarah Rost

Sarah is a third year International Relations student from France and Germany. Her academic interests lie in the study of terrorism, Arab nationalisms, the Middle-East’s social and cultural history, and the interrelationship between immigration, identity and nationalist discourses.

Website Editor

Zuzanna Kozlowska

Zuzanna is a third year History and International Relations student from Poland. She is interested in the relationship between gender and violence in expressions of ethnic identities in the Balkans.

Social Media Manager

Marta Navarro Mora

Marta is a third year History and International Relations student from Spain. Her academic interests rely on the identity formation process in Latin America and intra-nationalisms in Spain.

Academic Advisor

Dr Pablo de Orellana

Dr Pablo de Orellana is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. His research interests focus on conceptual approaches to identity and identity politics, particularly nationalism, as well as diplomacy, North Africa and Art History.

Editorial Team

Our editors rotate within the year to ensure high quality of the blog pieces and articles. They are essential in maintaining the blog running and helping students’ submissions.


Thomas Bouzereau, Pauline Darrieus, Chloe Delaitre Bonet

Ansh Mehta, Erell Mourouga, Tommaso Rabitti,

Philipp Rowe, Eliott Sistac, Roger Creus Vila