The Identity Hunters team is selected by the students from among themselves and rotated on a termly basis.


Phil Nomikos


Filimon is a third-year student at International Relations. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Filimon experienced the rise of ethno-nationalism, which made him interested in studying it. He is also interested in the fusion of science in security and politics.


Marie Scotto

Marie is a third-year International Relations student. Her interests include self-determination claims with a focus on the Tuareg Question and forced migration in the context of climate change.




Arthur Langellier

Arthur is a third-year undergraduate of International Relations at King’s College London. Although he was born in France, he has spent most of his life abroad, which is one of the reasons he is interested in nationalism.




Hangjing Peng

Hangjing is final year International Relations student. She has been learning classical music since 8 years old, which has stimulated her interest in European culture, especially Italian history and culture.




is bw
Isabel Oakes
Third year English and german IR student who loves traveling and has particular interest in political philosophy and political economy






Caradoc Gibson-Robinson
 Caradoc is a BA student of War Studies at King’s College London. His interests include revolutions, insurgency and self-determination with a focus on the Kurdish regions of the Middle East as well as South East Asia, having lived and worked in Cambodia and Indonesia. He has studied Arabic and learns Kurdish Kurmanji and Bahasa Indonesia. Caradoc presents a radio reportage show at KCL focusing on stories and people from the front-line of world events, in the same vein as his work in photojournalism. @cradgr



Justine Guérin

Social Media Ninja

Justine is a third-year International Relations Student at King’s College London. Bringing an additional French touch to the team, her interests include Indian nation-building and climate change.


Kinga Mojzes

Website Wizard

Kinga is a third year International Relations student at KCL. She is particularly interested in nationalism and the post-colonial debate.


Uygar Baspehlivan

 Student Advisor

Uygar Baspehlivan is a Graduate of International Relations at King’s College London. His research interests include nationalism, critical theory, identity politics, language, and film theory. Any queries:



Dr Pablo de Orellana

Academic Advisor

Dr Pablo de Orellana is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. His research interests focus on conceptual approaches to identity and identity politics, particularly nationalism, as well as diplomacy, North Africa and Art History.



Fernanda Marin
Fernanda Marin

Publishing Advisor & initial Project Manager

Fernanda Marin is a documentary filmmaker working for an NGO in Paris. She completed her graduate studies in Sciences Po Paris, specializing in International Security, and has since been making videos and other types of media to bring to the public complex political and social issues in approachable formats and language.



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