The Identity Hunters team is selected by the students from among themselves and rotated on a termly basis.


Elise Lauriot Prévost


Both too French and too British, Elise is a King’s College alumnus, starting her Masters at Sciences Po in September. She is interested in post-colonialism, identity and human rights.


Filimon Nomikos


Born and raised in Athens, Greece Filimon is King’s College London alumnus interested in organized crime in Latin America, environmental politics and of course the study of nationalism.


Anne Lainé

Social Media Ninja

Anne Lainé is a third year International Relations undergraduate. She is a member of the Politics Society and her areas of interests include Lebanon and the resolution of Foreign Policy Crises.


Kinga Mojzes

Website Wizard

Kinga is a former International Relations student at KCL. She is particularly interested in nationalism and the post-colonial debate.


Uygar Baspehlivan

 Student Advisor

Uygar Baspehlivan is a Graduate of International Relations at King’s College London. His research interests include nationalism, critical theory, identity politics, language, and film theory. Any queries:

Dr Pablo de Orellana

Academic Advisor

Dr Pablo de Orellana is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. His research interests focus on conceptual approaches to identity and identity politics, particularly nationalism, as well as diplomacy, North Africa and Art History.


Fernanda Marin
Fernanda Marin

Publishing Advisor & initial Project Manager

Fernanda Marin is a documentary filmmaker working for an NGO in Paris. She completed her graduate studies in Sciences Po Paris, specializing in International Security, and has since been making videos and other types of media to bring to the public complex political and social issues in approachable formats and language.